#Trending: The Top 10 Topics Facing Today’s Youth; SLU Think Bigger Series



The need to fit in and the temptation to live like the world especially sex, drugs and alcohol

    • “The new definition of normal is to drink and get drunk.”
    • “The pressure to want to be loved overpowers us.”
    • “Kids lose themselves and their faith to be popular.”


Navigating grey areas such as modesty, music and language, and living how God wants us to live

  • “It is hard to stand up for beliefs when they don’t know what they believe.”


How  to  defend  and  share  their  faith

  • “Why do I believe what I believe?”
  • “I want to be able to explain [the love of Christ] to people.”


The struggle with  self-­esteem  and  the  desire  to  live   boldly  and  true  to  oneself

  • “I want to live as a child made in the image of God.”


Managing the pressures to succeed in every area of life

  • “How do I do it all?”
  • “We get so involved in clubs, work, church, etc.  that we tend to leave out spending quiet  time with our Creator.”


Resisting the pressure to conform when being just  “good enough”  is considered cool

  • “It’s not always cool to be a leader and step up.”
  • “When nobody expects anything of us, where is the reason to try?”


Finding truth, authenticity  and  focus  in  a  saturated   society

  • “Technology is affecting our ability to interact with others.”
  • “I need to focus before I can lead.”


Leading confidently  despite  broken  and  unstable   homes

  • [One of the greatest challenges currently facing students my age is]  “having a relationship with family, especially when the family is separated by divorce or death.”
  • “When my dad left, I went down a bad path…in fact, I hated God.”


Understanding homosexuality, abortion, creation and evolution,  and social justice

  • “I struggle with the idea that people are or are not born gay.”


Living with integrity while engaging in society

  • “Filtering out the filth in life and staying focused on Godly things can be very hard for me.”     [One of the greatest challenges currently facing students my age is]  “knowing what’s socially acceptable and what’s biblically  acceptable.”


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